Triplexers Bird-36-97-07053-A

Triplexers Bird-36-97-07053-A
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36-97-07053-A, 1.2-1.3 GHz, Triplexer is the latest edition in our product line which is applicable to the Amateur Radio service.The design was based on the D-Star® radio system requirements in the 1.2 to 1.3 GHz band. 

Essentially a 3 input duplexer, the Triplexer allows combining the voice TX and RX channels onto a single antenna along with the simplex data only channel. This eliminates the need for a separate data channel antenna and feedline.

Six VariNotch cavities make up this Triplexer which offers the best cost-to-performance ratio for close spaced applications. Our cavity and filter construction is second-to-none when it comes to the materials used and the processes to manufacture.

Low insertion loss, high isolation between any of the input ports and a compact package make this the ideal solution for 1.2 GHz D-Star® repeater system.

D-STAR is a new ham radio system which offers digital voice and data communication. It connects repeater sites over the Internet and forms a wide area ham radio network. The DSTAR system provides a new capability and functionality to the ham radio world and increases the efficiency of emergency communications.

Where do TXRX systems products come in?
D-star systems are being configured all over the world. Sites may be comprised of VHF, UHF, 1.2 GHz or a complete system including all bands. TXRX offers various products to handle the signal management issues for these repeater site installations.

Duplexers for 28-37-02A (VHF), 28-66-02A (UHF) and 28-97-01A (1.2 GHz) as well as the new 36-97-07053-A, 1.2 GHz Triplexer which allows the use of a single 1.2 GHz antenna for the Tx, Rx, and a high-speed Data channels.

For sites in need of using only a single feedline for VHF/UHF, TX RX Systems manufactures Crossband Coupler models 80-05-06 and 80-05-07 handling up to 250W per band.