Triplexers Bird-240-02T-S-FE

Triplexers Bird-240-02T-S-FE
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5000 gram
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240-02T-S-FE, 900/1800/2100 MHz Outdoor Triplexer is designed to withstand rigorous environmental conditions (IP68), the Bird outdoor triplexer enables three different transmitters to share a single transmission system. This product also prevents intermodulation through the use of integral band pass filters and minimizes reflected power to devices attached to each of its input ports.

Available in both Single & Dual Configurations

  • Require multiple diplexers in a single package
  • Need to locate unit in a potentially difficult environment
  • Have space constraints
  • Multiple mounting possibilities
  • Available in single & dual configurations
  • IP68 Outdoor rated
  • Small package size
  • Integral bracket offers multiple mounting means