Dummy Load 80,000 watt-8792 Bird

Dummy Load 80,000 watt-8792 Bird
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8792, 80 kW, Water-Cooled Termination is designed as a compact, low VSWR and non-radiating termination for high-power transmitter/transmission line systems. It generates almost no ambient heat, making installation space minimal and convenient, in any position. The RF power is converted to heat in the hollow resistive film load resistor and directly absorbed by the water flowing through it.

  • Broadband water-cooled load for long-term RF dissipation when heat must be efficiently transferred away from the area
  • May be carried easily, used in any position and installed anywhere there is a source of potable water
  • 6-1/8 EIA Flange allows termination of full 80 kW up to 900 MHz
  • Requires flow rate of up to 12 gallons (45.6 liters) per minute