Wattmeters Series,RF Monitor Bird-3171B

Wattmeters Series,RF Monitor Bird-3171B
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3171B, Dual Meter - Single Carrier, Wattcher® RF Monitor
The 3171B Series High Speed Wattcher is a two channel power monitoring system for use in 50 ohm coaxial transmission lines. Adjustable set points allow user to preset maximum reflected and minimum forward power trip points. Activated audible/visual alarms indicate an erroneous condition present on the transmission line. Corrective action can then be followed to either protect transmission equipment or restore transmission line to operational characteristics.

This power monitoring capability is accomplished through the use of a dual port 50 ohm in sertion type line section. Each port must contain a standard Bird plug-in element. Usually elements with a ten to one ratio is recommended for the forward and reverse power levels. The Wattcher monitoring system also provides additional terminal connections for user specific applications.