132-150 MHz, Duplexer Bird -30-36-03A

132-150 MHz, Duplexer Bird -30-36-03A
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6350 gram
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Beli 132-150 MHz, Duplexer Bird -30-36-03A

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30-36-03A, 132-150 MHz, Duplexer 

  • TX RX Systems offers a wide variety of Duplexer options to suit your application, including Vari-Notch®, Bandpass, and notch type circuits
  • Vari-Notch® design provides low loss and high isolation in a compact package
  • All high RF-current components silver-plated for highest performance
  • Various models to choose from to match your application.

Specifications for duplexers of unsymmetrical construction or response are listed as follows:

  • Isolation: Noise Suppression/Carrier Suppression
  • Insertion Loss: Tx Loss/Rx Loss