Mission Critical Series, Auto Quad Tower-Top Amplifier System-434B Bird

Mission Critical Series, Auto Quad Tower-Top Amplifier System-434B Bird
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434B Mission Critical Series, Auto Quad Tower-Top Amplifier (TTA) System is a high performance, quadrature-coupled low noise amplifier (LNA). The TTA increases receive sensitivity, reduces transmit signal interference and can make all the difference in Mission Critical Communications.

The TTA operates independently, monitoring LNA current and automatically switching to a redundant LNA if needed. Status reporting is accomplished via AISG compliant telemetry between the controlling processor in the Tower Box and the base control unit. The base control unit has an on board AISG modem device which does not require the use of an external data cable. This telemetry does not interfere with RF Signals in any way and communicates the LNA currents, temperature and operational status to the base control unit LCD display. Test modes and manual switching between LNA's is also accomplished by way of the telemetry system.

The TTA consists of two components: the tower top amplifier mounted close to the antenna and the control unit. The control unit is available in two styles, either with or without a receiver multicoupler. In order to reduce the size of the TTA and simultaneously provide 120 dB of isolation of a TX carrier, filtering has been split between the TTA and the base unit.

Industry leading TTA amplifier linearity guarantees superior immunity to intermodulation interference.


  • All tower top ports protected by internal surge suppressors.
  • Two independent Quadrature Coupled LNA's in the tower top assembly provides the redundancy needed to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Microprocessors continuously monitor amplifiers and will switch tower top LNA’s if needed.
  • Ethernet
  • Multiple Real-Time Status and Alarm Annunciation Methods:
  • - Secure SNMP (v3.0) Trap Messaging (compatible with most SNMP Managers)
  • - Form-C contacts
  • - Front Panel Status Indicators
  • Wind loading is reduced due to the small enclosure size.
  • Available with a 16 Port Receive Multicoupler Unit.
  • Expandable as needed to 32, 40 or 48 ports.

The TTA is designed to increase the performance of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) while ensuring reliable communications for critical Public Safety applications. This increase in sensitivity can make up for the imbalance between mobile and handheld users in critical systems.

Model NumberDescriptionPower Required
434B-83H-01-T TTA, Mini AutoQuad, 792-824 MHz, Tower Box -
434B-83H-01-M-110 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 16-port, 792-824 MHz used with 434B-83H-01-T AC
434B-83H-01-M-4 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 16-port, 792-824 MHz, used with 434B-83H-01-T -48
434B-94D-01-T TTA, Mini AutoQuad, 896-902 MHz, Tower Top Box Only  
434B-94D-01-M-110 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 16-port, 896-902 MHz, used with 434B-94D-01-T AC
434B-94D-01-M-48 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 16-port, 896-902 MHz, used with 434B-94D-01-T  -48

Tower Top Amplifier will function up to 70°C without shutting down however, the specifications are not guaranteed outside the rated temperature range. MCU specifications values are typical unless noted otherwise.


  • TTA = Tower To Amplifier
  • MCU = Multicoupler Unit

#Note: See the datasheet for Optional Products

Mini Tower Top Amplifier Filtering | 434-435 Series TTA Systems

A steep skirted TEM bandpass filter in the tower box augmented by a ceramic filter in the base unit provide a selective 32 MHz system window.

434B 900 MHz Curve