Dummy Load 1.5 kW 1500-CT Bird

Dummy Load 1.5 kW 1500-CT Bird
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1600 gram
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1500-CT, 1.5 kW, Conduction-Cooled Dry Termination

Bird Technologies Group is proud to offer an extension to its line of Conduction-Cooled Dry Terminations. These loads are specifically designed for use in Digital Power applications and are capable of handling a large amount of peak power for a conduction cooled load as well as power spikes as high as 10 times the maximum average power.

  • Rugged Reliability provides years of trouble free use
  • Handles >10 dB Peak to Average power ratio
  • 1.3:1 Maximum VSWR
  • Fully shielded against the production of extraneous radiation
  • Compact size, lightweight
  • Easy to use