XPS-32 CPU Card Bird

XPS-32 CPU Card Bird
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XPS-32 CPU Card

The XPS-32 CPU Card creates an integrated fully non-blocking 64-, 96-, or 128-channel Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) matrix switching network by connecting together two, three, or four XPS-32 switches. Each XPS-32 unit provides low-latency as well as a transparent, non-blocking interconnection between any pair of devices. By regenerating 100% of the incoming signal, the XPS-128 ensures maximum data integrity. The XPS-32 scalable switching system can expand to 64, 96, or 128 channels. The switches can be collocated or remotely located up to 14 km apart.

The switching network created by the XPS-32 CPU Card offers the highest number of channels in the smallest form factor available. The XPS-CPU Card allows NTDS networks to be rapidly reconfigured using a PC or Master Switch Controller. It is designed to cost effectively meet the unique needs of today's NTDS development, evaluation, and training environments.